a robot hand breaking out of a computer painting

Replit Creates 2022 has ended. See you next year!

What is Replit Creates?

Replit Creates is a creative coding challenge taking place during the month of August. Each weekday at 12AM PDT, we'll provide a prompt and resources to encourage you to create something expressive with no pressure to make it fully functional.

Every Wednesday in August, we'll have a workshop presented by a member of the Replit team or a member of our community. Every Friday, you'll have a chance to show off what you made that week in our weekly review livestream.

Why participate?

If you participate in Replit Creates, you'll have the ultimate prize at the end of the month - your very own portfolio website where you can showcase all of your awesome creative coding projects! If that's not enough, you can also have:

  • A chance to be reposted on Replit's social media accounts if you share your creations on TikTok/Twitter and use the hashtag #create31
  • An opportunity to collaborate with new friends on creative projects through the Replit Discord server - just find the #replit-creates channel
  • Discount for the Repl Shop if you collaborate with a new friend on Discord, attend a workshop, or present your work at a weekly review session
  • An exclusive Replit Creates t-shirt if you submit a working repl for each challenge
  • A platform to share your art with the community at our virtual gallery opening

Virtual Gallery Opening

On the last day of August, we're hosting a virtual gallery opening! To prepare for the gallery opening, create a portfolio site of all of your creations using one of the portfolio website templates on Replit. You can join us live at 9 AM PT on August 31st to show off your gallery, or send in a prerecorded video for us to show on your behalf. We can't wait to see all of your beautiful artwork!

You can share your work by either DMing @MailMan on our Discord server or send it to us via e-mail.

Past Prompts

  • August 1 - Make the worst website possible
  • August 2 - Create something that ages
  • August 3 - Write a story
  • August 4 - Use only emojis
  • August 5 - Make something random
  • August 8 - Write a song
  • August 9 - Tell someone their fortune
  • August 10 - Make a shape that doesn't exist
  • August 11 - Self-portrait
  • August 12 - Big
  • August 15 - Make nothing out of something
  • August 16 - Teach yourself a new skill
  • August 17 - Make something buggy
  • August 18 - One
  • August 19 - Colorful
  • August 22 - Add to someone else's project
  • August 23 - Build something for a stranger
  • August 24 - Play with a friend
  • August 25 - Write code that someone else describes to you
  • August 26 - Be someone else
  • August 29 - Build your portfolio site
  • August 30 - Telephone
  • August 31 - Throw a party